Below are highlights from my portfolio of work as a user experience researcher. Please contact me for a detailed portfolio.

Staples “Easy System” Button Set-Up Usability Test

The Staples “Easy System” button is a voice-controlled ordering assistant that helps makes ordering office supplies seamless. I coordinated a usability test on the set-up and use of the button to improve the instructions for a Beta test.

Staples Homepage Redesign Usability Research

The UX team was leading a project to improve the Staples homepage. I conducted an online click task survey to evaluate the performance of the new design again the existing design for 11 key tasks. Once the design was more fleshed out, I ran moderated usability sessions using an interactive prototype.

Staples.com Checkout Re-Design Usability Tests

The checkout flow for staples.com was being redesigned. I conducted two rounds of in-person, moderated usability sessions - the first using an Axure prototype and the second with a fully functional QA site.